Viale Garibaldi 10, Alghero (SS)


More than 30 wonderful stop-overs to choose from

Hiring a boat with OverBoard allows you to leverage our 10 years of experience in the sector, and to count on a safe, polite and helpful service. You are sure to enjoy an unforgettable day at sea off the coast of the city of Alghero, in north-western Sardinia.


Our itinerary includes more than 30 potential stop-overs, scattered all along Alghero’s coastline! Let yourself be won over by breathtaking panoramas, crystal-clear water and the vibrant undersea life of the so-called Coral Riviera!


Foradada Island is one of the main places to visit on our itinerary! It is an imposing, off-white limestone rock that is located close to the Capo Caccia promontory, off the coast of Alghero. It is so-called because it has been “perforated” (forata in Italian, foradada in Sardinian) from end to end by a partially submerged cave, carved out by the sea.


The bay of Porto Conte (Portu Conte in Sardinian, Port del Comte in Catalan) is a natural bay on the Coral Riviera, on the wonderful north-western coast of Sardinia. It is surrounded by the karst promontories of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio. Renowned for its transparent water, the beauty of the bay is guaranteed to leave you speechless.


Tramariglio beach is located in the bay of Porto Conte. The shore features a sandy beach with the odd smoothed-off pebble, and is embellished yet further by the crystal-clear water with its intense, ever-changing azure colouration. Partially surrounded by a dense Mediterranean forest, it is overlooked, from the promontory to the south, by the ancient, captivating Tramariglio tower.