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About us

OVERBOARD – Boat hire

For ten years, OverBoard has been accompanying guests to allow them to discover the secrets of Alghero’s stunning coastline, its picturesque bays and the vibrant undersea life of the Coral Riviera.


We offer two types of service: the independent hire of inflatable boats and the skipper service.


The independent hire of boats involves an initial discussion with you, during which we provide all of the relevant information, taking in everything from the boat-steering instructions to the safety instructions to be adhered to throughout your trip. Following the signing of the rental contract for the vessel, the inflatable boat will be at your disposal for the whole day!


In contrast, the skipper service involves a guided tour with one of our operators, who will steer the vessel, giving you the lowdown on the Alghero coast and dropping anchor at a number of bays to allow you to visit a wealth of beaches, pine forests, bars and restaurants. The skipper will provide assistance on snorkelling and will be sure to stop off at all of the pre-selected places along the route. The skipper service guarantees you the utmost relaxation comfort, ensuring that you can make the most of your trip, transforming it into an unforgettable experience. 


The cost of fuel is not included in the rental price. The fuel cost is calculated when your time is up and the fuel is refilled.

Due to health and safety regulations geared towards preventing the spread of Covid-19, we are not currently able to provide this service.

Yes, if you choose to hire the inflatable boat for you to steer yourself, because in that case it will not be possible to dock. However, if you prefer to use the skipper service, you will be able to dock and visit all manner of bars and restaurants.

The independent hire service does not offer this option. If you are steering the boat yourself, you will have to stay at least 200 metres from the coast to ensure the safety of bathers.

Yes, but someone must stay on board to protect it. There must always be at least one person on board.

OverBoard only hires vessels to those aged 18 years and over. But if you want, in any case, to enjoy a trip out to sea, you can always book the skipper service:  a guided tour with a professional, in search of Alghero’s most beautiful bays!

Of course you can! All of the inflatable boats are equipped with a hi-tech GPS that supplies your precise location to the operator at all times. You will be contactable at all times via WhatsApp or voice call.

Line fishing is not permitted from our inflatable boats.